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Silver & Gold – The Long Road Home

by Jed Murphy

When Silver & Gold began five years ago in Greeley, Colorado, reaching the point where they were releasing material and actively touring was a distant dream. At the time, most of the band were students at the University of Northern Colorado and had the youthful exuberance of a group just beginning to get their feet wet in the industry. Rosy cheeked and ambitious, Silver & Gold put together an alternative rock set that we can safely say in hindsight, was not very good. But, it’s also safe to say there was something to their music, something special that lifted them up amongst their peers. Maybe it was their understanding of melody; maybe it was their goofball stage banter. Whatever it was, audiences were starting to tune in.Now, five years later I’m sitting with lead vocalist and guitarist Devon Hildebrandt at a coffee shop in Greeley (where the band still resides) after the band just got back from their second tour of the year. The rosy cheeks and the freshman fifteen are gone, replaced by the tired resolve of a musician who’s been driving a van too long. “Maybe we’re playing our instruments better?” Hildebrandt says with a laugh, looking back on their early days. Currently made up of Hildebrandt on guitar and vocals, Claire Jensen on vocals and keys, Pie Lombardi IV on lead guitar, Brandon Vela on bass, and Taylor Drose on drums, Silver & Gold has more than just become better musicians, they have found the rhythm to being a professional band.A Silver & Gold set is a much different thing now compared to when they began. While their music is lumped into the alternative rock genre, their sound has taken on a heavier and more melodic quality over the years. Taking full advantage of their classical training from the University of Northern Colorado Music School, they incorporate intricate timing and chord changes, all while still maintaining an accessible pop sound. According to guitarist Lombardi, the best description they received on their recent west coast tour was a, “heavier Death Cab for Cutie.”After a string of EPs and singles, Silver & Gold is releasing their first full-length album titled Point A – Point A, a move that for Hildebrandt represents much more than just the checking of a box on the list of things bands are supposed to do. A concept album, the title Point A – Point A is a reference to the circular nature of life, and finding yourself back at start after a long journey.Solid, wondering, and concise, this album taps into a sense of happiness and loneliness all at the same time. Each song pushes the album’s concept to the front, always resolving nicely back at the beginning but taking the winding road to get there. “We challenged ourselves a lot on this record. These songs are hard for us to play,” he says with a laugh. “We wrote hard songs.”Hildebrandt establishes himself as a great songwriter and vocalist, and on the surface it’s his voice that drives each song. Soaring and angelic, it’s easy to buy what he’s selling. But behind him is a band that so clearly feeds him what he needs to pump out genuine emotionalism. “Pie’s lines pull us through and really dictate where the melody goes,” says Hildebrandt. “The lineup we have is just so phenomenal. Taylor and I have been playing music together since we were 14… and Claire is just stupid good at everything.”Recorded in Denver in the home studio of Mickey Postillion of the band Overslept, Silver & Gold began tracking in April of 2017. Due to scheduling conflicts and their obligations in the real world, recording took longer than expected, but in the end the extra time allowed them to fully develop the songs. The final product is the band at their best, taking that special something they’ve always had and cranking it as loud as it will go. So maybe it’s their understanding of melody, maybe it’s their goofball stage banter; maybe it’s both in some strange way. Whatever it is, it’s got great sounding guitars on it.Get ready for one of the best local albums of the year and make sure to be at their album release January 19th at the Moxi Theater.

Album Review: Silver & Gold – Headed West EP
By Jed Murphy | BandWagon Magazine

For three days Pie Lombardi of Silver & Gold essentially lived in The Blasting Room. “It was a blast,” (dad laugh) “I expected it to be more intimidating than it was. It was a very relaxing experience.” Recording at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins is an unofficial declaration of moving forward as a band. The amount of talent that has recorded there is staggering and The Blasting Room is known for their quality of work and professionalism. But like everything in the music industry, that quality is not cheap. Paying out of their own pocket, Lombardi was not about to waste that time. For their allotted time, Lombardi tried to spend every waking hour in the studio to have some insight on the whole process. “I didn’t get all sweaty or anything, I was just sitting on a coach most of the time.”

For Silver & Gold, recording their new EP, Headed West, at The Blasting Room was a very important step for them. The last couple of years they have made a name for themselves as one of the most surprising and talented bands in Greeley. Their mix of alternative rock has developed into an emotional powerhouse live that gets better and better with each song they write. Headed West brings that to us with two tracks that showcase what this band is capable of.

Both “Smoke” and “Headed West” are tight, concise, and have the touch of a group of artists with a strong education in music. The technical intricacies can be heard all over these two songs.

Soaring above it all though, is vocalist Devon Hildebrandt. With an incredible range and melody, Hildebrandt nails these songs. After their live set, most men and women want to both be him and be with him. There is an undeniable pop quality to his style and delivery that has potential written all over it. This EP begins to bring that out.

The only real downside is the lack of more songs to the EP. As good as these songs are and would fit nicely on a full-length album or longer EP, both tracks are missing the catchiness and hooks of a radio hit to stand alone (although no one is blaming them for not recording more because they’re all poor).

Silver & Gold is like an airplane circling an airport. Although Headed West doesn’t quite have them landing yet, it shows that you’re going to want to be around when they do.

Right now, the band is focused on getting ready for their release show at the Moxi Theater October 30. Gearing up for it, they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get new merch and finish paying off the rest of their recording cost. If you have $2,000 sitting around, I suggest donating it so that Pie, Devon, and Brandon all get your name tattooed somewhere on their body.

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